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Hey guys! Welcome to the Simon Lovell Show. Wow! [00:01:00] This is going to be an interesting one today. You may have listened to Momentum Monday where the theme was letting go. I am recording this walking outside of the True Transformation Ranch, the 1.5 acre property which I moved into about eight months ago. This is going to be one of the very last episodes that I do here [00:01:30] and here's why.

About a week ago, just over a week ago, I decided to spend a few days with a very well-known transformational comedian named Kyle Cease. This had just came off of the back of another event that I was at with some millionaires and billionaires. So, I went into this event and this intimate time with Kyle [00:02:00] Cease really not knowing what was going to happen. I love Kyle because his journey is starting off as a comedian, being like a Comedy Central comedian who has been in movies. He decided to let that go to pursue a new career and a new focus which is actually combining [00:02:30] comedy and transformation. I really resonated with his content and how his content really flows. He's just really tapped in. He's super funny. If you haven't checked out his stuff, head to

So, I was fortunate enough to be invited to spend three days with three other people and Kyle in Los Angeles and just went in with an open mind not [00:03:00] really knowing what was going to happen. Now my perception was going to be that I would come up with maybe a new strategy, a new goal and view for the things that I wanted to do in 2018 for my business in terms of growth and ascension and kind of scaling up. What was really interesting was that on day … [00:03:30] actually before day one when I actually went to dinner with a couple of the other participants, the synchronicities started to happen.

One of the things I've been talking about a lot recently is Jim Carrey and his story with the documentary Jim and Andy and how Jim has gone through this enlightenment and ascension. A lot of people think he's crazy, but really what he has talked about is that he had to reach a [00:04:00] certain level of success to realize that it's actually not what he wanted. Jim Carrey is actually a character that he played. So, his journey and his enlightenment and his growth really resonated with me. I arrived on the night before the first day and I was having a conversation at dinner and it turns out that one of the amazing ladies there actually lived next door to Jim Carrey and does [00:04:30] yoga outside of his house. I was like, "Wow, some crazy stuff is going on right here."

If you're into spiritual growth and you're into personal development, you would've already started to notice that really strange things happen at weird timings. It's my belief now that these things really don't happen by coincidence. Things are put in place for us for a reason. If we listen [00:05:00] to the signs, if we listen to our inner voice and we don't have fear and we do step forward from that place of "This feels right to me." then we can move further and closer towards fulfillment, happiness and a much deeper journey into the space which we are living in and have opportunity to grow.

So, it's day one [00:05:30] and working with Kyle. Actually, I really don't remember much of day one apart from listening and talking. I spend a lot of time … there was time in meditation. There was time in just explaining our current situation. It was on day two that I had talked about Fitpreneurs as my company. [00:06:00] For many of you listening, you may know or not know that I run a company called Fitpreneurs and it serves personal trainers and it serves nutrition experts to grow there, gym or the personal training business.

For many, many years now when I saw it off as Simon Lovell, fitness business mentor and then Fitpreneurs as a start off as a podcast, I have helped many people grow their businesses, double, triple their [00:06:30] income in a very short period of time and change out the good life situation that they're in and have got many, many case studies. You can go onto the website and still see all of that. That has come from the fact that I spent many years as a personal trainer. If you listen to episode one, you would've heard the story of me throughout my growth. Starting off as a personal trainer, the Lunchbox Diet being released in 2009 and me going through those difficult times in drugs and gambling and all of that. Fitpreneurs [00:07:00] came from the skill set that I developed as a personal trainer building information products, producing six-figure businesses with digital products like Paleo in a Box and these other things. So, this company really came from that version of Simon.

Now since then, I've grown a lot. I've really invested in myself. I've gone deep. I've really [00:07:30] immersed myself in growing as a person. Over the past year, I have felt a bit of unease around the business and I couldn't pinpoint why. It was on day two that I brought up to Kyle around this topic and it suddenly dawned on me that [00:08:00] maybe it was time for me to let Fitpreneurs go as a brand. It even makes my heart thump a little to say that and it's not that I don't want to work with personal trainers and it's not that I want to work with nutrition experts, it's that that brand I have developed was based on an old identity [00:08:30] version of myself. That by definition is going to attract a certain person and I'll be honest with you, not all personal trainers are evolved at the same level to where I am and who are the types of people that I would like to attract.

If I'm being brutally honest and I think that the industry has so many challenges, [00:09:00] and I've grown so spiritually. I talk about so many different things. That meditation and personal growth and so many words that I speak now that come from my vocabulary don't even resonate with much of the audience that the Fitpreneur or fitness community resonate with, because if we look at levels of consciousness and we look at how we evolve, the natural flow [00:09:30] of what I talk about just is not hitting that. As much as I can market and sell and position a marketing campaign to the audience to offer a program which still gets amazing results and really changes people's lives, it's not where I am now as a person.

So, on day two I made a decision to [00:10:00] stop marketing Fitpreneurs and to adjust the positioning of that business. I just want to say this which is if you are listening to this and you are in the mode of personal growth and evolution of yourself and massively growing, then you will notice … you're going to notice that some things that you created previously start to feel off. Actually I remember this when I was doing [00:10:30] the lunchbox diet. I've been working on this business and it was generating money and I'll tell you a story. I had created the lunchbox diet from nothing. It turned into a six-figure book deal with HarperCollins and it got to this point where I was growing and then suddenly I would not want to write blogs and it would be effort for me. It just felt like a bit of a weight.

When I came [00:11:00] to the turning point of moving into a new business, I had this email list. It was about 20,000 to 25,000 women on that email list. I had a decision. I could continue to write emails which weren’t coming from the right place, that weren’t fully me giving my all from my heart and my soul and reserving that audience or I could sell the email list to possibly someone who's going to sell to that audience [00:11:30] shit that they don't need or want but maybe they could market it well and I wasn't willing to do that. So, much to the shock of some people, I actually deleted that whole email list. I didn't sell it. I didn't continue to do anything with it, because I just wanted to let it go, because I didn't want to have that drain. I didn't want it to be in the wrong hands.

So, [00:12:00] some of the most difficult decisions that we sometimes make are the best thing for our own personal growth and also the best thing for the audience. Now I'm going to continue to work with the clients that we have a Fitpreneurs because they are the right fit and they're amazing clients. I'm going to continue to take on [00:12:30] clients as personal trainers and those nutrition experts who are at the point in which they have developed to the point where they do resonate with personal development and meditation and spiritual growth and understanding that fitness needs to encompass mindset and nutrition and multiple different things in order to get transformation.

I think that [00:13:00] for much of the fitness industry there has been for a very long time such a strong focus without the importance of emotional fitness and what is required of work on the mind to be able to grow so that we have a deeper sense of self-worth, because as a personal trainer back in 2005 when I qualified [00:13:30] and when I certified, I became a personal trainer to increase my confidence, but deep down there was a little boy there that really while he had muscles and while he was training in the gym to be fit and to lift weights and to build a great physical shell, there was so much work. There was so much work that needed to happen beneath that in terms of my thoughts and my beliefs and who I was as a [00:14:00] man. That couldn’t happen just from lifting weights.

Now from lifting weights, yes I increased my confidence. When I looked in the mirror, I was a different physical being, but I still had the emotional challenges going on. I still had the addictions. I was still in a lot of self-sabotage. What really shifted me to the next level was when I started to work on my mind, when I start to meditate, when I start to invest in myself [00:14:30] and really started to change the way that I thought and that came from having to remove toxicity from my life. It came from spending a lot of time in meditation and spending three days here and weeks here in retreats and understanding myself and going deep within the areas that most people don't want to go into.

It's my firm belief that if …  and what I would like to see of the fitness industry [00:15:00] is that people would go into a gym and sign up and maybe at least a week they would go through an on boarding process to really find out what is happening in the mind of that person so that when they go through their fitness program in parallel with that, they're also learning about who they are and why they continue to go into cycles of continuing to go from diet to diet and not stick with something which comes from discipline, which comes from the mind, which comes from our thoughts, our belief [00:15:30] system identity, who we are and who we believe we are at our core and ultimately the self-love that comes from reconnecting with family members which is difficult, which is scary, which comes from having to really think about what happened previously in my life where I felt abandoned or I don't feel good enough or this is why I compare myself to other people.

So, I want [00:16:00] to create a new breed of true transformation personal trainers that don't just focus on fitness to really understand that when someone comes to you to lose weight, what they're really saying is, "I've got something much deeper that needs to be dealt with which is my emotional fitness, which is how I show up in the world, which is my own self-worth which is going to lead to a higher pay job, which is going to lead to me setting stronger boundaries and [00:16:30] relationships."

While the quote "I want to lose weight," it's really a big sign often of a deeper emotional strengthening that needs to happen. So, this is just about rebranding to something which is wider than fitness. I love to keep fit myself. Right now, I work out across Invictus which is [00:17:00] well known for training a lot of the CrossFit games athletes. While a lot of people have strong opinions around different things, that's what I do right now. So, it's not that I don't love to get fit, it's just that as I've grown as a man, I understand the true transformation comes from far more than going into the gym and lifting weights. This is just for me in my journey. So, that was one of the decisions I made. Again, I'll say it's not an easy decision but it's the right decision.

[00:17:30] On day three, Kyle was working with another person at the event. There was a discussion going on there. The lady there was talking about how she has a million in the bank and she's got this money. She's not having the fun time that she could. She's amazing at what she does. She helps change [00:18:00] so many lives, but there's a big part of her that needs to go and enjoy what she's already created. This kind of stirred a little bit up within me. Just before lunch, I said to Kyle, "I feel like I'm going to have a big breakthrough after lunch." That created a bit of intrigue.

After lunch, he said, "Okay. So, what's going on?" I brought up the True Transformation Ranch, [00:18:30] this 1.5 acre property and the Ferrari that I have and the multiple Ferraris that I've gotten through some of my goals and some of those things. One of the things which is … recently I've been endeared towards is someone who in their life they have little in terms of like space and actually what they need and I'm really drawn to that like nature. Just like [00:19:00] the really simple things and just that person being so happy with that. Kyle said to me, "So, let me ask you something. You're drawn to that by your soul but yet you have all of this expensive big stuff."

Suddenly something clicked within me. I knew because I brought this up that it was time for me to shed and start to scale down, [00:19:30] because so much of my focus has being on hitting a number and reaching this achievement and reaching these goals and a lot of comparison to I'm not in the place that someone else is. There's so much like rushing with that and so much anxiety that's created that on a subconscious level. So, it was a huge shift that I actually made the decision with [00:20:00] the direction of Kyle and the other people in the group to literally strip everything back, simplify everything, move out of this home which I have two amazing roommates with who I'm going to continue to live with in a different location and do the flip opposite of what I've been shooting for. That's scary.

It's scary to achieve and grow and then always be looking up at the next [00:20:30] thing that I can move towards and actually do to flip opposite, but I know in my soul if I listen to my heart, I know that it's what I need. It's not that I don't want to make a billion dollars. It's that I don't want to be focused on making a billion dollars to make a billion dollars. It's almost like … and I did this in a post. It's like I'm laying back in the ocean and I'm surrendering and the water is [00:21:00] just going to flow back out and I'm going to be laying on the sand. When the water wants to come up and rise me up again, it's going to do that naturally.

Since I made this decision to move out and since I'd made this decision now to start to give things away like I just posted it on Facebook this week, giving away one of my Tag watches which is worth $3,000 and just like giving stuff and donating stuff and selling things. I've never felt [00:21:30] so free. I have never felt so relaxed. I have never felt such an empowering feeling of non-comparison. Now, actually it's funny because I look at things on Facebook and it feels odd to me. It feels like this is like anything that’s too marketty or too talking about numbers. It's like the flip opposite of how I was being.

I was so energetically drained afterwards and I apologize for not doing the show last week, [00:22:00] but my body was going through integration. We talk about transformation. We talk about when life is like altered so it's not the same ever again. I can honestly say that the shift that this happened recently has put life into a whole new perspective. Again, I've been so relaxed, I've been so calm, I felt so much self-love for myself and just within knowing that I don't need to know what's going to happen tomorrow, [00:22:30] I'm just being so present in this moment and also what I can say is I've been so grounded. What I want to do is really help and inspire other entrepreneurs to potentially look at that for themselves.

Now, I'm not saying that having a Ferrari is wrong. I'm not saying that having a three acre property with all the bells and whistles is wrong. It's just for me with where I am in my life right now, I [00:23:00] know it's not what makes me happy. I know that for me it's about connection. I know for me it's about going out and having fun. I know for me it's about experiences, things that cost little but have high impact. I know for me that I don't need to have a life with so many elaborate things, which is based on what other people are going to see that I have that really doesn't matter.

[00:23:30] Just like Jim Carrey and his quote which is "I had to reach all of that fame and acquire all of those things to realize that it's not actually what I wanted" I feel like I've I reach that point, but I also want to say that I don't know that when I strip down and when I do this opposite lifestyle now and minimalistic if that's what you want to call it, then I'm not going to want to get a yacht in the future, but I don't [00:24:00] need to know. I don't need to know what I'm going to desire moving forward. I think that's the thing I want to share which is it was all of the pressure on me needing to know what I wanted next and why did I want that and what were those things for. Just the relaxation and the peace from just allowing and not having that pressure is such an amazing [00:24:30] feeling.

So, I didn't know that this show would take this type of turn in the time since I recorded the first episode. That's why I feel it's fascinating, because if you listen to that inner voice and you invest in yourself and you move towards the people that you gravitate towards. Just like me with Kyle or whoever it is for you, all I can say to you is [00:25:00] like mentorship and coaching and going towards those who resonate with you is so key. Here's also what I want to say. I've had so many different mentors, but I don't want to be my mentor. I want them to guide me to what fits and I can drop the things that don't. I just have to listen to myself.

So, what I want to share with you is just listen to that inner voice more so and [00:25:30] that's why meditation is so important, because when you slow down and when you meditate and when you spend time in silence, you're allowing yourself to listen to that inner voice which has a clear signal. If you've ever been in a shower and suddenly boom you get this idea. It's like it comes from somewhere because you're relaxed. Then, suddenly you get like this download and this information. There's so much wisdom that's provided from the universe. Also, I want to say this, which is … and this is actually a recent download that I got too which was [00:26:00] I believe like the earth is rotating and it's like the universe is delivering to us everything that we want when we're relaxed and when we're creative.

We get ideas. We get these downloads that things are inflow when we're relaxed. It's almost like if you imagine a globe revolving and as its revolving, every time you think about something, you're manifesting it. You desire something and suddenly an opportunity comes your way. I feel like the moment [00:26:30] we get tense, the moment we go into judgment of others, the moment we put pressure on ourselves, it's almost like that globe just stops and the universe stops delivering. I've spent so much of my life intention and attention didn't bring me what I desire. Now I find is as … and it's only been a week and a half but as I'm more relaxed like more opportunities are coming my way. The people [00:27:00] who are aligned with me and the message that I'm sharing and it's coming and flowing through. People have said like, "You seem more grounded and you seem more soft. You seem more relaxed."

Who wants to be tight? Who wants to have anxiety all the time? Who wants to have that underlying pressure where there's so much pressure? All of that pressure, if you have that anxiety, if you have that stress, then other people are going to feel that from you. There's so many times when I've tried [00:27:30] to interact with people and try to be present but I've not been there because I've been in my head thinking about other things. All this pressure of needing to be someone for someone else instead of listening to my heart of what Simon wants.

Now I feel like the Simon who is bullied, the Simon who didn't have self-love, the Simon who didn't feel good enough and needed to self-sabotage, I feel like he's finally back. I feel like he's finally here. He's fully present and [00:28:00] he's able to speak to you coming from this authentic place. Not through a need for anything but just for a need for you to understand that you can have this place too more so than if you're not feeling it a lot of the time. I know for some of you you're listening to this and life is a challenge and you do have things going on where it's stressful and is painful. You've got life events happening. Those things are going to happen to all of us. I'm going to experience them, but the more that we can spend in surrender and there's [00:28:30] a great book called Letting Go which I would highly recommend, which you check out, it's got a lucky yellow cover and is from the same author as Power versus Force, but this is really about raising consciousness.

Someone said to me the other day and … sorry, they post it on a Facebook thread and they said, "Simon, I feel like it's different for you because you've achieved all of that and you've got all of that stuff. I feel like I need to get [00:29:00] there in order to know that I don't want it too." Here's what I'll say. "I believe that I needed to go through the process of acquiring to be able to let go." Just like one of my client said to me earlier and we were in a discussion sometimes we need someone else to give us permission to make the decision [00:29:30] that we already know is there that keeps on speaking to us. It keeps on … there's that little voice of this isn’t right.

There's this little voice of hm and it keeps on just like prodding you and prodding you and prodding you. It will keep on prodding you until someone else who you respect is able to look at what you've got going on and saying, "Why don’t you just made this decision to change your life?" [00:30:00] I feel that's what Kyle Cease was able to help me facilitate in a faster period than doing it on my own.

So, I just want to wrap up with that today. So, a massive thanks to Kyle Cease. He's agreed to be on the show in the future. I'm so excited by what he's doing is evolving out loud in his event and check out again his stuff Again, I wanted to share with you the stories and [00:30:30] the real things that are happening. Again, it's not that I don't want to be entrepreneur now. It's not that I'm stopping business. It's that the direction in what I'm and how I'm taking things is needing to evolve and match who I am or where I am in my life right now.

Maybe for some of you, you might feel the same way. Maybe you've grown and maybe your branding is off a bit and it doesn't really match you. You think that. [00:31:00] You're thinking about throwing in the towel when actually you may just need to reposition things. Your message might need to change. You might need to update things to who you are as the entrepreneur with all the growth that you've had. If you're listening to this show, I know that if it's not happening now to you, then if you are into growth and you continue to grow as a person and evolve, then things are going to start to get out of alignment, but you just need to listen to that inner voice. [00:31:30] So, hopefully you found that useful today. Thank you so much for listening.

I'll see you on another episode of the show. I'm really not sure what twists and turns are going to come soon, but I do know that I'll share the stories with you. That I'll do my best to whether it's to just give you an insight, give you a different perspective that can help you evolve to the next level and grow and be the best person you can be. So, have an amazing day. Think about a few things [00:32:00] that you can be grateful for and think about this. What is something that you can shed and let go of? Maybe it's something that you don't use. Maybe it's just something energetically. Just go around your house and feel like, "Does this feel good? Is this just lingering or should I just give it away or let it go?"

Think about what you can de-clutter and send me a message, send me a DM or is it a Facebook message on Instagram, any of the social media channels, on Sound Cloud or maybe a comment on iTunes [00:32:30] and let me know what you decided to shed and let go of. I'll be fascinated to know. This may be a disempowering relationship, maybe it's an item, maybe it's just a belief that you have. Just one thing, just pick one thing and see how that changes your life. This is Simon Lovell on The Simon Lovell Show. I will speak to you very soon.

Thank you so much for listening to that episode of The Simon Lovell Show. Now, if you enjoyed the episode, please head to iTunes, also Sound Cloud or any other platform and give a review. [00:33:00] I read all of the comments. I would love your story, your feedback. It is so important to me. Also, head to for more information, more blog content and connect with me on social media. I will see you in another episode of the show. Take it easy. Have a fantastic day.

Thank you so much for checking out this episode of the show. It means so much to me that you have taken the time out of your day to listen to me.
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