My 30 Year Secret – Overcoming Shame, Guilt & Reaching Self-Acceptance #EP27

by | February 16, 2019 | 0 comments

Do you suffer from shame, guilt or embarrassment and want to reach ultimate self-acceptance so you no longer question who you are? One of my biggest lessons of the past year is featured in this episode. Do you have a 'big secret' that you haven't spoken about? I did, and I held onto it for 30 years. In this episode, I talk about it and share with you the impact of sharing my 'black ball' with others. If you are stuck or lacking in confidence, or are always questioning who you are, you may find this episode extremely powerful. My new book The Black Ball: Does Anybody Else Have A Secret has just been released on Audible. You can also get it via Amazon on paperback, kindle, or download the PDF at www.blackballbook.comĀ