My Story – Bullying, Addictions, Debt, To Millions & Finding Fun Again #1

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From bulling to $50k of debt, gambling and drugs to turning it all around, this is my raw story that I hope will help you.

Thank you so much for checking out this episode of the show. It means so much to me that you have taken the time out of your day to listen to me.
0:55 – Intro.

1:15 – Simon sets the scene and explains the reasons for his new podcast show.

2:20 – Simon’s mission with this show his to share his journey and help you with clarity, strategy and information to help you and your business.

4:35 – At 13, This one incident changed Simon’s life.

6:10 – Simon was bullied from 13 – 16.

6:45 – Simon loved video games and wanted to start a magazine with his passion for creating.

7:30 – Simon’s persistence and passion paid off when he got a job at 16 writing for a video game magazine.

8:50 – Simon met his first mentor at a martial arts class, which helped him build confidence.

9:50 – An addition to gambling, and drinking on a workday afternoon, began to lead Simon into debt.

11:00 – A 21 years old, Simon left his job at the publishing company and started his own publishing business in Exeter, but he didn’t know how to run a business.

12:50 – In 2011 Simon lost his home, girlfriend, and business, and was back at home with his mum & dad.

13:40 – His mum & dad helped him to become a personal trainer, as Simon was passionate about fitness.

14:25 – Simon came back from the training very energetic and branded his new PT business in a big box gym.

15:40 – Clients were back to back but were asking about nutrition. Simon wrote a guide for them based on what he was eating in his 5-minute break between clients.

16:45 – This lead to a 13-page Lunchbox Diet, which helped his clients and turned into a product which worked for other people.

18:00 – Elle magazine got in touch regarding reviewing his Lunchbox Diet.

19:05 – Elle reviewed it as the best diet they’ve ever done. Simon instantly updates his price.

20:00 – The success of the diet was bringing in more and more money, but Simon had bad habits and wasn’t educated in money.

21:15 – Simon’s life was on autopilot and he became the party guy ,began doing drugs and his life began to spiral downwards.

28:15 – The addiction got so bad, he was doing lines of cocaine between seeing clients.

24:00 – On Christmas morning, he was drained from drug use, slept through Christmas day and felt ashamed of himself. He knew something had to change.

26:00 – Simon made a key decision and changed the environment he was living in, and slowly things began to change.

27:00 – Simon started an online program and decided he needed to hire a business coach.

27:20 – Simon had $30,000 of debt.

28:50 – With only $5000 left on his credit card, Simon invested $30,000 in a coach. “It was either go bust or change my life.”

29:30 – Simon began to make money again and he had a revelation, if he didn’t change the habits, which were still there, he was going to end up with a lot of money, and a lot of problems.

30:00 – He decided to invest in himself to find out why he had these addictions.

30:50 – Simon was depressed, and worrying what people thought about him.

31:10 – After Simon had this revelation he was relentless in his business and continued to invest in more and more mentors.

32:00 – Simon went to India with Tony Robins, and began meditation. It planted a seed in Simons head which eventual lead to Buddha, his dog.

33:30 – When Simon did the work on himself, his business started to grow.

33:50 – One of Simon’s dreams was to meet Richard Branson, which he managed to do.

35:00 – it was after the trip with Richard, that he decided to move to the USA.

35:30 – Turning a dream into a decision changes your energy.

37:00 – Simon went to the Amazon in Peru to study plant medicines and on his return was drinking and smoking 80% less than before.

40:45 – Simon’s vision board has all come true because of the commitment to it.

42:00 – The social anxiety meant that Simon had meant would avoid going to social events because he would drink. He would make excuses not to go. A friend called him out on it.

43:50 – Simon noticed the pattern of drinking to fit in and decided to give up drinking. He hasn’t drank since.

44:30 – The awareness gap is shortened when you remove the drama and toxins.

45:00 – “little by little, I began to find the real Simon again”

45:25 – The community Simon builds is what makes him happy.

47:00 – Simon wants to help people grow as a person and grow their business.

48:15 – If you’re a leader, where are you leading people to?

49:55 - Outro

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