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I Had To Get Brutally Honest With Myself...

If we don't get brutally honest about where we are and are willing to change our behaviors, we simply won't change and become better humans - I'm not just talking from experience working with top CEOs, execs, Olympians and celebrities, because I've also walked the path in my own leadership journey.


I was $50,000 in debt, all linked to unhealthy behaviors, and turned my business around.


In 2015, my company generated its first million dollars in revenue from a lot of hard work and grind.


However, I still had a lot of challenges that were impacting my happiness and personal relationships. 


So I started to hire the best in the world and ended up investing over $250,000 in learning from the world's best so I could help myself and my clients become the best version of themselves. 


We all get stuck and we all deserve to live a happy life but sometimes we have no idea what the root of the issue is.

I learned that I could start to reprogram myself and shift my performance and happiness.


The deeper I went and the more self-aware I became, the happier I got.


In 2018, after peeling back the layers, I went through a huge spiritual awakening. I became true to myself. No more masks. 


I moved out of the 1.5 acre mansion I was living in and gave up the Ferrari, becuase my heart was calling to live a new authentic life.


I was now feeling like a consious leader, someone that was not motivated everything external to me, but defined success from my soul and spirit.


My performance shifted to a whole new level, without the burnout and anxiety.


A couple of years after this transformation, I started to think...


"What if someone doesn't have $250,000 to invest in themselves?" and 10 years to change. 


What if they really want to grow their level of impact, but they know deep down they are holding themselves back?


This was when I said to myself "Simon, you have so much knowledge.. you need to put something together that the industry has not experienced before".


The Super High Performance Formula: Conscious Leadership Quest was born.


When we are not performing, our energy is low.


We can't get to the next level or break through those overwhemling goals becuase we simply can't handle the pressure.


For many years, I was not emotionally / energetically intelliegent, and so I would burn myself out. I was angry, I felt disconnected.


I was an unhealthy entreprenur. That took a really honest conversation with myself.


Super High Performance is about doing the deep work to free up as much available energy as possible to perform as a conscious leader.


You are growing your empire, but you are super happy doing it.


Many entreprenuers aren't willing to do the deep work required and they are so focused on money, they end up sabotaging, and a big area I see is personal relationships.


One of my frustrations with 'coaching' and 'products' was that transformation wasn't happening due to low accountability and nobody had taken meditation seriously for entrepreneurs.


NO BS Personal Growth For Success

So I created a 42 day process of what worked to transform my life and instead of clients having to do years or work, I wanted to create that transformation in weeks, a fast track for true success. I had decided to raise the bar in personal developmement.


I used solid neuro science and implemented these key components for optimizing results fast.


Daily Personal Growth Leadership Training

In order to reqwire the brain we must take action daily. I wanted to change behavior.


Performance Meditation Phasing System

Every day! 10 minutes up to 60 minutes with guided meditations specific to 6 key areas of success.


Daily VIP Accountability 

A Daily tracker that must be submitted by a certain time. Tracked by a real person who cares.


4-Stage Locking System

If clients did not take action, they would be asked to leave the program. This is when people starting saying it was like "The Navy Seals".


Group or 1-1 Coaching 

I wanted clients to get access to me to help guide them through some deeper issues.


Want to see the rapid transformations that happend to entrepreneurs after going through the process? 

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