I recently posted the image below over on my Instagram profile after a conversation with one of my Fitpreneurs¬†clients. We have a video challenge process that gets our clients quite uncomfortable and he had been in the program for some time but still hasn’t posted the first video. On our coaching call, he dropped an excuse, and I called it out on the call.

Within 24 hours not only did I see the video, I also saw the shift within him in the video and that made me super proud.

One of the big reasons I call it out is because it was in the moments of tough love with my mentors that I had the biggest realizations and breakthroughs.

I can remember on one particular call, my mentor predicted I would be getting pissed at him by saying “Simon, take a big deep breath”. I was fuming when he called me out in front of people on a call. But honestly I needed it.

My friend AJ, who is a big reason for me moving to the USA said to me ‘stop being a pussy’, which got me fired up to take action. While I don’t think this approach is right for every client, I know that a well timed emotional pattern breaker is a great way to shift someone to move.

And that’s been one of my strengths over time is getting people into action, only because I was someone who had the skills, had the knowledge, but for one reason or another, and low self worth, I just wasn’t moving on what I knew.

Sometimes we think that by consuming more it will help us, but actually that just creates more problems. Instead we just need to start believing in ourselves more and stop fucking about.

The thing about tough love is that when it comes to client and mentor relationship it will only have potency if there is respect. If for some reason the client doesn’t respect the mentor, or has lost respect for the mentor and they decide to call the client out, what will happen is a backfire, and it can turn pretty nasty.

In addition, texting tough love can really demotivate a client. The above conversation was done in a safe environment, at the right time, with rapport.

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