It Was Like Being Picked Last For Sports All Over Again

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I was recently at a comedy Improv workshop. I attend a couple in San Diego which are super fun and I've been attending these classes now for a little while and they have had a huge impact on my life, of which I'll be sharing a lot more in episodes of the show.

Anyway, I wanted to share a story of something that happened about a week ago.

We were playing a game where four people were asked to play a scene.

Part of this was that the audience (the other members of the workshop) would vote who they wanted to leave the sketch so that there were only three people acting. The scene would get repeated with three people, then eventually down to just one person who would perform the scene themselves.

This was a pretty cool exercise, as there's just one person who has to play all of the characters.

What was interesting was how the 'being voted off' triggered feelings of rejection in me.

But, thankfully, I caught it pretty quickly before it started to shut down my body (like it would have normally).

I started to think about this a little more. Things like... "should the teacher have used this type of voting off exercise etc?".

It's so funny what our minds come up with.

It was in this moment I once again remembered about how many stories and meanings we create around things that don't support us.

So the next time you find yourself being triggered by something. Take a moment to challenge your thoughts and question what your monkey brain is telling you vs the truth. In this situation all that was happening was people were being voted off an improv sketch. That's it, nothing else. Done.

It would have been so easy to spend hours in torment over this which could lead to stressed conversations, overeating and sadness, and frankly that would have been crazy coming out of a comedy class.

UPDATE: JAN 29th - Last night I shared this story with the group, and felt so much love from everyone there. To my surprise, the scene type came up again and of course, I found myself not being picked last and went all the way through. This was obviously a big act of love from everyone there and this morning felt massive gratitude for the group i'm part of.


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