"A Ferrari, A Mansion & I Was Still Deeply Unhappy Until I Suddenly Snapped & My Entire Life Shifted"

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"I Was In The Mansion in California With A Ferrari Outside, But I Was Asking, "Where Am I Leading People?" I Wasn't Happy"

For years I was trying to figure out why I wasn't happy and why people would always ask me to "smile more". I thought that making a lot of money would make me happy, but I would end up getting the Ferraris and big homes and still wasn't fulfilled. I spent a lot of time depressed, stressed and questioning who I was as a man.


Then, in April 2018 I experienced a profound shift and spiritual awakening. After that moment which was captured live on video, life has never been the same again. I feel inner peace, flow and ease. It's like a massive weight was lifted from me.  


It was only after my shift that I worked out that I was playing a character that wasn't me. The Black Ball is my story of what happened leading up to that moment, me releasing my secret of shame and the four-step process you can use to help you become happier. The process has proven to help my clients and the book will share the courageous stories of other men and women just like you who have released their Black Ball. Are you ready to let go?





My name is Simon Lovell. For as long as I can remember, I've been on the path of personal growth and self development. 

Originally from the UK but now living in the United States, I am the proud dad to an amazing King Charles Cavalier puppy called buddha.


I'm a business mentor, speaker, author and love to help people create True Transformation in their lives.

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"I can't stop crying"

Review by Tammy Hensley

It is rare to read a book in just a few hours and find that it has the power to change the rest of your life...These stories are touching, poignant, and deeply honest. They make you want to “step into the circle” with each author and give them all hugs. 

"Let go of your baggage"

Review by Jill Straughan

If you are ready to let go of the baggage and experiences that are holding you small in your life, begin with reading this book and allowing yourself to go through the exercises. Thank you Simon Lovell for being extraordinary and caring so deeply about so many.


I wrote "The Black Ball" because I wanted to help other entrepreneurs trapped like I was free themselves so that they were able to relax into business instead of having to force their way through business. There are some really big breakthroughs that can happen when you start to use the process outlined in the Black Ball book. These won't just impact you, but they will influence everyone around you.

  • Presence & Elevated Confidence... You Will Feel Lighter Like A 'Weight Has Been Lifted' From You

    The truth is that many entrepreneurs say they are confident, but they have a massive lack of confidence which is why they dive head first into business as distraction from the truth. The Black Ball process will help you to start to deal with your life at a deeper level and because of that you will feel like a 'weight has been lifted' which really helps you when you step back into running your business. You run it from a different energy.

  • A Deeper, Happier Connection With Yourself, Your Family & Your Team...

    When you start to get to the truth of your past and accept your story 100%, what happens is we shift into self acceptance and that is incredibly powerful for the nervous system. You will start to think and feel differently about life. You may want to change parts of your business and life just starts to become easier and you enter peace and joy.

  • You Will Look At 'Success' Through A Different Lens

    When you work on yourself, the impact on your business becomes profound it's like a chain reaction through all of your marketing, your sales process and ultimately how you serve your clients and customers. If you are the person at the top, imagine how everything spills down form you. So how YOU feel is truly impactful for so many people who you influence. It's time to put your personal welfare as the priority!


The first step is admitting the truth.

We are living in a time where entrepreneurs are wanting more out of life. To run a business with a relaxing energy, a new state of mind and a more positive attitude. The Black Ball will help you to get to the truth of your life and how to take your leadership to a whole new level. Your awakening is almost here...