Get To The Next Level By Training Your Brain For Confidence, Success & Happiness Starting Today

This process has been used by multi-million dollar business owners, entrepreneurs & CEOs. This is a brand new groundbreaking approach to performance based on solid science.


You will be moved through this program at pace for a reason. If you don't like this, it's NOT the challenge for you. This page will lock down once the timer ends. I did warn you.


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Are You Ready To Discipline Yourself For Next Level Success and Happiness?

I know that if you're here at some level you want to get to the next level, and you know that strategy alone is not what you need.


Most likely you are either want to learn how to meditate or you want to be more consistent because you know that it will help you to shift to where you want to be as a person and in business. 


If you give me 20 minutes of your time (10 minutes for training and around 10 minutes for meditation) for the next 7 days, I will assure you that I will help to improve the quality of your life and help you to become more successful. 


But, I will be clear here with love. I need you to commit to completing this challenge in full.


This challenge will not work for you, if you don't go at it every day and complete all of the exercises.


If you're someone who wants to set a new standard for themselves then go ahead and click the button below to start the challenge and change your life!



Simon Lovell & Tony Robbins in India

The Energy Shift

Simon worked closely with Tony Robbins in India along with Tony's personal energy worker to develop the skills that he now uses with entrepreneurs around the world for high performance. 

Simon & Richard Branson on his Private Island

Secrets From The Hot Tub Session!

Simon spent time running on the beach and private time with Richard Branson, so that he can bring the world best performance secrets to you.

Meditate Consistently

You will be meditating every day for the next 7 days with specific meditations for entrepreneurs and business.

Feel Happier Every Day

The 7 day challenge will help you to feel better about yourself which will lead to conscious decision making.

Feel Powerful & Take More Action

This is about you charging yourself up for the day and taking conscious actions that create a deeper impact.

Get Super Focused

You will learn how to be more present every day and this will help you to get more done in less time.

Your Challenge Members Area

After you sign up you will get instant access to your members area where you can start your challenge.

  • The All Fired Up Leader

    This is critical day because you are hitting the reset button and choosing to move your business and life in a brand new direction through consistency.  



  • DAY


    Energetic Intelligence

    Learn the principle of Conscious Lifestyle Design for leadership and how your energy impacts your day and therefore the results in your life.

  • Shifting From The Past

    We all have past events that have impacts us and now you can start to create true freedom by letting those things go and finally move forward.



  • DAY

    Beliefs On Fire

    The beliefs you choose to install into your internal operating system will determine the quality of your future so now is the time to rewire.

  • In The Zone

    Do you want to continue to work in that place where you feel 'on fire'. Today you will start to look at your weeks very differently from energy.



  • DAY

    Aligned Action Taker

    You may have heard of 'intuition' but how do you use that to get better results and start attracting more into your life? Today you will access this superpower.

  • The Next Level

    On the final day you will make an important choice about how your life moves forward and the direction of your life. It's time to raise the bar.



20 Minutes Per Day For 7 Days

There's so much value within the challenge. Check out below what you get...

  • Daily Video Coaching & Motivation From Simon

  • Daily All Fired Up Meditations

  • Conscious Leadership Challeges