For me, the words ‘you changed my life’ are the true currency. The more I hear this, the more I want to carry on my work and continue to grow, both in business and in my personal life.

While I’ve gone through lots of challenges in my life, they have taught me that it doesn’t matter where you are, we can always grow and impact more people.

We all just want more happiness, and as a leader, I’m always asking this question… “where am I leading people to?”. Here’s some things that have happened throughout my life I wanted you to know…

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

01 – Little Si

Cars, Masters Of The Universe & Fun

Wow, look at those missing teeth. But with little care in the world, my younger years were spent messing around on the carpet with Dukes Of Hazzard cars and robots. My Grandad would always spend time with me playing with random objects and Grandma taught me the soda stream and making cup cakes and ginger bread snaps. Oh that clotted cream. 

02 – 3 Secs

I could wrap a Whopper in 3 seconds.

My second job (after a paper round which I got my dad to do when it was too cold), was in Burger King. I got so fat on that job, but I made it fun and went on a mission to see how quickly I could wrap a burger. This was not a highlight of my career, but it was a key part in my liking for a Royale with Cheese and Bacon (which I will buy once per year).

03 – The PT

I Lost Everything, This Was My Restart

As I talk about in the first episode of The Show, I had lost everything. My girlfriend, my home and my business. I found myself back home with my parents when they asked me the quesiton “What do you want to do with your life?”.  My mum suggested I look into becoming a personal trainer becuase I loved the gym. So I went to Cyprus for three months and came back with a new spring in my step and signed up 7 clients in my first week. I was loving life, but it took a downward turn…

04 – $160k

3 page word doc to a book deal.

In 2007 I came up with a concept called the Lunch Box Diet after my clients were asking me about healthy wasys to eat. So I gave them what I used. My three page document, turned into 13 pages (sold for $4.95) and I got a phone call from Elle Magazine saying they wanted to review my diet. That turned into a book deal with Harper Collins in 2009 after signing a deal for $160,000.

05 – The DJ

This was the darkest place in my life.

At the same time as working as a personal trainer, I was also a DJ, and after this picture was taken I would have been taking cocaine, ecstasy and making a fool out of myself. I was deeply sad inside and didn’t know how to get out of the situation I was in. It was one key moment that changed everything (shared in episode one of the show), and I got on a new path in life, and put that life behind me. I was fed up of being a fraud in my business.

06 – Mentors

They've changed my life.

I truly believe that when you find others who have been where you want to be you can learn from them. It’s not just what they teach you, it’s the energetic exchange between you that helps catapult your success. Spending time with mentors like Tony has shaped me into a new person. I will always continue to invest in myself at the highest level so I can help others to grow.

07 – Silence

Meditation has been a game changer

Since I found meditation and developed the skill of what I do within my meditation (and guiding others), I believe it’s one super power that many people should adopt. It’s in that place of silence that you can really start to become more self aware, and that opens up the door to a life with less stress and overewhelm. 

08 – Buddha

He chews rocks and humps toys

I never thought I would want to get a dog, but when Tony Robbins suggested it on a trip, I finally caved in a couple of years ago. He’s such an amazing addition to my life and brings me so much unconditional love and joy. 

Buddha is certainly a character. Everyone thinks he’s a girl, but he doesn’t care, he just wags his tail and wants food and sleeps when he’s not hanging out in the park sniffing butts.

09 – Branson

One of my dreams came true

When I was at school one of my teachers wrote “one day Simon will be like Richard Branson”. It was always my dream to meet Richard, and I finally did, where I hung out with him on his private island (Necker) in a hot tub. We also had a fun conversation while running along the beach and talked about business and life. 

He’s done so much for the World, thank you Richard!

10 – Cali Life

I finally left the UK for a new life

In 2016, I packed my bags and left the UK for America. I had always had the dream of moving to America,  and finally it happened. I now live with Buddha in San Diego and we’re having a great time spending time on the beach and connecting with friends. If you ever have a dream to move home or country, just commit to it and you can make it happen. It’s really changed my life for the good. The sunsets alone are worth moving for.


“Never Quit, Never Give Up On Growing Yourself To Help Others”

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