Entrepreneur.com "The Neavy Seals Of Personal Growth". World Class Tracking, Measuring & Accountability. It's Like 10 Years Of Work On Yourself In 42 Days...

"Absolutely Incredible. It's been years since I've been this stretched and pushed out of my comfort zone. This has forced me to be consistent and disciplined in every area of my life" - Jacob Kauffman, CEO, Los Angeles




The Groundbreaking 
NO B.S Accountability System
That Keeps You On Track To Transform

VIP Daily Tracking 

You are manually tracked and measured every day by your own VIP assistant.

The Super Lock System

You get 4 chances to stick with the program or you are asked to leave.

Leadership Challenges

Designed to help you supercharge your confidence. 

Stop Points System

We pull you up if we see you tying to wiggle out of taking action.

Which Of These Super High Performance Super Shifts Would Help You Most Right Now In Your Life? 

  • How to be a shockingly confident leader even if you’re super shy right now.

  • How to transform more lives and create a deeper impact.

  • How to break the cycle of imposter syndrome and get more clients.

  • How to feel heard and understood by the people you care about the most.

  • How to communicate openly, calmly, consciously and gain respect.

  • How to be 10 x happier… elevating your relationships status and influence.

  • How to get to the next level in your business by destroying your resistance.

  • How to overcome fear by activating your internal energetic intelligence every morning.

  • How to clear & remove emotional blocks that may have been trapped for 20-30 years.

  • How to establish a powerful new “energy routine” that sends you off like a rocket.

  • How to overcome self-sabotage so you can be ultra productive and action-oriented.

  • How to build up your internal energy like a battery to multiply focus and action.

  • How to perform at the highest level and get the business results you deserve.

  • How to shape your future by positively shifting your attitude, beliefs and values.

  • How to change your mindset about the things you know are blocking you.

  • How to remove your barriers to success by bringing rapid awareness to “Key Emotional Indicators”.

  • How to unblock yourself from your next level by activating your own personal legend.

  • How to overcome addictions including alcohol, porn, smoking and social media.

  • How to improve your leadership skills by shifting your “conscious confidence”. 

  • How to manage your stress by ripping out the real issue at the root and experience true freedom.

  • How to remove obstacles to success by being held accountable to “Power Moves”.

  • How to feel on the inside how you’re perceived on the outside.

  • How to stop your anger by rewiring the energy charged stuck from emotional events.

  • How to be yourself by learning to honor your truth and get your needs met.

  • How to get your fire back again by aligning with your deepest mission.

  • How to be the best version of yourself by learning how to raise your own standards of self-care.

  • How to be disciplined and consistent with your wellbeing by putting yourself first.

  • How to stop being constantly stressed about money but understanding your relationship to it.

  • How to uplevel your performance to the bar you know you are capable of.

  • How to release the negative, weakening behaviors and patterns that block your growth.

  • How to rebuild connections with family and work colleagues that you thought were “dead”.

  • How to easily “reset” yourself every morning by 9am if you’re not feeling alive.

  • How to be more self-aware so you can catch yourself before a poor decision.

  • How to be more in-tune with the people around you so they want to spend quality time with you.

  • How to reduce the amount of things on your mind on a daily basis so you can get to work.

  • How to be internally happy without the need to soothe with substances.

  • How to wake up vibrant and feel happy and ready to create bigger opportunities.

  • How to stop feeling paralyzed in business and lead like the people you admire the most.

  • How to deepen the relationship with yourself so you feel calm and centred without worrying.

  • How to gain ultimate focus so you can get more done in less time.



Change Your Behavior, Change Your Life, Change Your Results

The Ultimate Energetic Reset (Days 1-7)

STAGE ONE... is about creating powerful consistency within your week so you operate at your very best.

Let Go Of All Resistance (Days 8-14)

STAGE TWO... is about letting go to become a calm, confident Leader.

Shift To Your Next Level Of Success (Days 15-22)

STAGE THREE... is about reprogramming yourself for ultimate success.

The Only Program Prepared To Kick You Out For Not Doing The Work

Create The Biggest Impact Globally (Days 23-29)

STAGE FOUR... is about operating and working in flow and making more $$$.

Ultimate Action From Flow (30-36)

STAGE FIVE... is about taking massive action on the things you've been putting off.

Calm, Conscious Leadership (Days 37-42)

STAGE SIX... is about helping the people you care about more deeply.


"What I Loved Most About This Stage Was..."

"Getting locked out. Weird answer, maybe, but it set the precedent for the expectations moving forward"


"The courage challenge and the way it forced me out of my comfort zone"


finally understand the belief & fear behind my self-sabotage and anger which is a very big breakthrough


"the zone of genius exercises to get clear about what things in my business I get to delegate and remove from my plate"


getting feedback from others was really eye opening. To hear how others saw me really helped.


"The healing and different meditation techniques!"


The Science Of Changing Your Behavior That Sticks...

The Super High Performance Formula is backed up with neuroscience. The unique way the program is designed will create changes that shift your way of being.

  • 6 Week Meditation Phasing System, challenges your brain to create powerful new connections. 

  • Daily Tracker Accountability, activates intrinsic motivation and creating new levels of self-discipline.  

  • The 4 Stage Locking System, creates a strong consequence for not taking action, rewiring the brain.

Success Meditations & Accountability Every Day

Every day for 6 weeks you will be meditating, and increasing your time from 10 minutes in week one to 60 minutes in week 6. You must meditate every day to avoid being locked out of the program. This gets our clients remarkable, life changing results. 

  • Guided Meditations From Simon, focused to help you on different areas of your life and business.

  • Be More Patient, within the first week of the challenge so that you can get more work done and be happier..

  • Lower Stress, Anxiety Fear & Worry, so you can operate at your very best.

Simon has been both published in and been interviewed for...

  • How to overcome anxiety/depression by being consistently present.

  • How to break fear of judgement, by shifting your life perspective.

  • How to overcome burnout by listening to what your body needs and honoring the signals.

  • How to stop drifting, reach your full potential and stop questioning your life.

  • How to break through cycles of confusion and get back on track.

  • How to create a magnetic personality for bigger business opportunities and happy relationships.

  • How to hit your stride again even if you’ve been lazy for the past 6-12 months.

  • How to create a rapid financial turnaround by understanding your own patterns.

  • How to take back healthy control of your relationships from those who take advantage.

  • How to get your sex life back on track by re-establishing connection and love.

  • How to overcome childhood trauma including distant/lost parents, bullying, abuse.

  • How to stop wasting your life away with people who don’t support your dreams.

  • How to stop playing safe and in your comfort zone by breaking fear patterns.

  • How to explode through your limitations by learning “mind expansion” techniques.

  • How to get unstuck from any situation, no matter how long you've been in the mud.

  • How to hold healthy boundaries and regain self-respect from your team.

  • How to stop hesitating and overcome crippling procrastination.

  • How to get out of a slump and regain your spark so you become magnetic.

  • How to deal with a passive / lethargic spouse without fear of relationship breakdown.

  • How to release whatever is not serving your next level so you feel at your best.


"I had a lot of simmering anger and now it's finally gone. I'm now happier"

Darrin Mish

Financial CEO 

"I had my biggest ever week in business going through this process. Amazing."

Jake Kauffman

 Founder, Los Angeles

"I've finally released my shame and guilt, and am more focused and driven than ever before"

Jeff Soucy 

Mindset Founder, Canada


  • How to overcome shiny object syndrome and smash through your to-do list.

  • How to overcome a financial plateau and start filling your bank account.

  • How to access higher levels of intuition, flow and creativity that grows your business.

  • How to stop waking up every day stressed out and feel the best you’ve ever felt.

  • How to be more patient with your partner and children and avoid the “eggshells”.

  • How to stop negative thoughts from shutting your body down.

  • How to feel more connected to people and the world even if you label yourself as an “introvert”.

  • How to deal with a toxic partner, family members, business colleague or employee.

  • How to reach your level of growth by breaking through your mental ceiling of beliefs.

  • How to overcome social anxiety by taking the “18 inch drop” from the mind to heart.

  • How to sleep like a baby by building a proven evening routine that sends you off quickly 

  • How to be authentic, speak your truth and live a life true to who you are.

  • How to release shame, embarrassment or guilt from the past by dropping your “black ball”.


  • You are a CEO, founder owner or exec.

    Super High Performance Formula is specifically intended for professionals. However, we do consider those who are currently working in jobs , but who are considering taking the leap to up-level their career path and opportunities


    We want to keep the community professional and the networking and connections you can build are fantastic.

  • You are prepared to make an investment in yourself & your biz.

    The Super High Performance Formula is a VIP program.  Please understand this takes a financial investment. The best investment anyone can make is in themselves. The more you grow yourself, the more you will become valuable. This is an investment in you.

  • You can give a little time per day for six weeks.

    The time investment in the program builds over a six week period. So to be safe, we ask that you put aside an hour per day, but you may find on some exercises you need more. Also, you must be prepared to be locked out of the program if you go 4 times without filling in and successfully hitting everything on your daily tracking form. 

  • You're finally ready to go all in on you.

    Seriously, this program requires you to be committed to be the best version of you. If right now you're 'kind of fine, and just curious', then it's really not for you. Those who sign up know they need to change and want to change and they get the results because what they have been trying is no longer working for them.


    Are you really ready for the change?

  • You are prepared to get uncomfortable.

    This program will require for you to make significant changes to your routine, have tough conversations, release pain from the past, meditate for long periods and plenty more that we could put on a very long list. It works though, so this is not for the faint of heart. Some clients say it's tougher and more powerful than years of therapy, in 6 weeks. Stage Two is deep and tough!

  • You are okay to trust the proven process.

    Ultimately, Super High Performance Formula is about you finally taking care of yourself. This is going to seem weird to begin with, but the results you will start to notice in all areas of your life will be transformation to you and the others around you. For six weeks, you have to play by someone else's rules, no exception.



Designed for CEOs / Founders. Strictly limited spaces available (20 x At Once - Group)

(5 x 1-1 With Simon).

Daily Training, Meditations & Accountability For 6 Weeks

VIP Private 1-1 'Kickass" Accountability Assistant

6 Live Weekly Group Coaching Calls With Simon

Private VIP Facebook Group

Weekly Business & Leadership Challenges


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

  • How much time do I need to set aside daily?

    To be safe, we suggest putting one hour aside per day for six weeks, including your weekends. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in all of the exercises, although some days may be shorter and some slightly longer. It also does depend on what level your participate in the challenges.

  • What is the accountability like?

    By far one of the most important elements of the program is the NO BS accountability. Each day during the program you will be required to complete a daily check-in as well as other activities via email, the facebook group and some other hidden surprises to stretch you both personally and in your business.

  • How long do I have to complete the quest?

    SHP is 6 weeks but you have 12 weeks to complete it. If you complete the quest during this period you will have access to review the trainings after the 12 week period. You will have a total of 6 calls from your enrollment. The most important thing is that you complete the Quest well not just for the sake of completing it.

  • What time are the coaching calls?

    The group coaching sessions are held on Zoom and are on Wednesdays at 11am PST / 2 EST. 

  • How does the support work?

    You will be guided step-by-step in the program, then there is a VIP private facebook group for members in addition to the weekly calls. 1-1 support with Simon is also optional.

  • I have anxiety, fear, worry, will this help?

    It's normal when coming into a program like this to feel a little fear, however when members get going they often find their stride and we help members through all of their challenges from business to relationships. 

  • Will this help my business?

    Yes, the program is designed to grow you so that your business grows. You will then be running your business from a more stable place. You will have business and leadership challenges to help your business through the program so get excited for that!