Simon Lovell is a world-renowned close up entertainer incredibly gifted in the art of sleight-of-hand. His level of skill is second only to his ability to entertain and create laughter. His talents are especially popular at private parties and corporate functions where he can seamlessly entertain from group to group, amazing everybody along the way! Oh, and by the way, he spent his early years allegedly as a conman and now advises the hit USA Network television show White Collar as well as other television appearances. You can check from the TV and Video links! Yes, Simon is America's Conman... on the good side of the law!

Simon's live engagements have received wide acclaim. Simon's performed all over the world, from the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood to the London Palladium, through the middle and far east to Australia, and South America. Whatever the group, he has never failed to please them!

One of Simon's specalities is catering his work to corporate clients. Whatever the size of the group he can use his magical talents to give them an experience they will never forget. He has integrated his clients products into his performance designing specialized magic into each show.

Simon is a highly experienced performer with over 350 television credits to his name. Additionally, Simon has produced 16 videos, published 21 books, and written hundreds of magazine articles, short stories and scripts. In recent years he has been professionally engaged advising others performers in live and film situations, lecturing world wide to casinos and also to specialist groups of magicians.

Over the years Simon has appeared in every kind of venue. His unique style and audience involvement make him one of the most popular magical entertainers around. Reviewers have described his trademark straitjacket routine as one of the funniest tricks in the world!

Watching Simon Lovell is, unforgettably, the most
fun you'll ever have while being fooled!

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